Monday, May 30, 2016

Half Way!!

This weekend I hit the half way point on my 16 week IsaBody Challenge journey.  I am excited!!  So far I've gotten rid of:
and 2.8% body fat.  

Here is a little collage I put together to show my progress so far.  

I have had a couple of days where I have gotten discouraged.  Where I didn't see the scale drop or felt like I wasn't going anywhere.  But seeing these photos is so much motivation to keep going!!  And do you see those shoulder muscles I'm building?!??  I guess my twice a week Body Pump classes are working!  

Best moment so far:  When I met with a trainer/wellness coach at my gym and she told me I was strong.  She was surprised how much I could lift...made me feel good.  

Toughest moment so far: Training my body to not want to turn to food when I've had a bad day.   

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