Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Holly's 90 Day Mark

Today is my 90 day mark doing Isagenix and I am still happy as ever with it!  This month I lost only 8.5lbs which is the least amount I've lost in a 30 day period so far...but I was sick for two weeks and in Paris for I think that's pretty good!!  I pretty much was OFF Isagenix for those three weeks and I still lost weight.  We got back from Paris this past weekend and I'm looking forward to hitting Isagenix again hard and kicking more weight to the curb!

At my 90 Day mark I've lost a total of 40lbs and 46.75"!!!  I'm now down from a TIGHT size 18 to a size 12.  I am running out of clothes that fit...because they are all too big! 

Ok, now on to the fun part...the photos.  They are beginning, 30, 60, and 90 days L to R:




And here is a nice collage showing my before pic and 90 day pic:

I'm almost at my half way point...
40lbs down and 42.5 to go!!


  1. You look amazing, Holly! I'm so impressed with your dedication and hard work!

  2. you really should enter the isabody challenge if you haven't. Your results are amazing. I love before and after pictures!!! I could look at them all day.