Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sickies...and a landmark

I've discovered something that will sap all my motivation for keeping up with the Isagenix lifestyle.  Being sick.  

The last week all I've wanted to do is sleep, drink OJ, take warm showers...and repeat.  On last Monday I was so excited to be 1.5lbs from a major landmark (200lbs)...and I expected to blow through it by mid-week.  Well, the bug I caught had other plans.  

I did finally weigh myself this morning...199.  I'm excited, but definitely not dancing...I'm too tired for that.  I am starting to feel on the mend, which is good.  Hopefully in another day or two I'll be back at my routine.  

I need to feel better ASAP, after all, I need to pick out my "weighing below 200lbs reward"...it's a good one!!

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