Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Phase II

We started up the 30 Day program again...I say we, although Nathan is already back at his goal weight so now it's just me. 

The holidays were rough on my body.  I WAY overindulged and didn't exercise at all. I took some before pics for Phase II (that's what I'm calling this go-around).  I was really dissapointed that I let myself go that crazy over the holidays.  I gained back almost 20lbs of what I worked so hard to lose.  And it was all my fault.  Pizza, Coke, candy, baked goods, chips, pasta....and in excessive quantities.  

So here it goes...I'm back on the horse!  

First a comparison of where I left off (at 90 days) and where I'm beginning again:

I gained back 13.5lbs & 20.5".  Ouch.  

Here are my beginning shots for Phase II:

And here are my stats:

Holly's Phase II Before Stats: 
Weight: 206
Total inches: 331.5"

Neck: 14.25"
Upper arm left: 13"
Upper arm right: 13"
Chest (boobs): 42.5"
Diaphragm: 37"
Waist (at belly button): 40.75"
Natural Waist (skinniest part): 36"
Buttocks: 46.5"
Upper thigh left: 27.75"
Upper thigh right: 27.75"
Calf left: 16.5"
Calf right: 16.5"
My goal is to wear a bikini this summer.  A cute one...without a whole lot of extra hanging out all over.  :)
Here we go!!

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