Sunday, February 24, 2013

How bad do you want it?

I just spent the last hour alone in a yurt, in a deserted crater of a volcano, in a storm, after dark.  

a case you didn't know what one was.

Why?  Because I needed to get my workout in for the day.  The whole experience gave me the heebie majeebies...but I put my earphones in and blasted my music and tried not to think of all the possible crazies that were sitting outside the windows watching me, waiting for their chance to strike.  I could have easily said I'd "make it up tomorrow" with a "double" workout...but I am not going to let myself off that easy.  I hurried as fast as I could to do my workout and got the heck out of there before someone in a Jason mask showed up.  

You know what it taught me?  

I want this.  


Not this - as in being freaked out in a yurt hoping not to die at the hands of a homicidal maniac.  


I want to be toned, and healthy, and fit.  And I'm not going to get it by filling my mouth with crap food OR excuses.  

I have a few friends who are also trying to lose weight right now...some are struggling and I wonder if they really WANT it bad enough.  I know for years I didn't.  I had every excuse in the book to keep me from the gym and keep me from eating better.  No time, genetics, trying to get pregnant, grieving, tired, sick, long work day, no food I like, blah, blah, blah.  

I'm glad I'm now in a better place.  I've actually come to love my hour in the gym each day.  I push hard and love when my brow drips with sweat.  I love that I can now do 5 pushups in a row (a HUGE feat...I haven't been able to do pushups in YEARS...I can't wait until it is 50 in a row) I love that my legs are weak when I walk to my car, and that when I get home, climbing the 60 stairs up to our apartment feels like torture.  I love when my abs are so sore the next day that sitting up out of bed burns. 

Living the Isagenix lifestyle isn't easy.  It takes commitment and planning and sacrifice.  I do have to give up things, like dinners out with the girls because I don't want to take my shake and drink it at the table.  And I don't get to munch on popcorn while we watch an evening movie.  But you know what I will get?  More years on my life...and not just bottom of the barrel, crappy years...but HEALTHY years.  

So my question to you, my friends is this:

How bad do you want it??

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