Saturday, April 20, 2013

Biggest Loser!

Two months ago a few friends started a Biggest Loser competition to motivate each other to lose some weight.  The results were announced today and I WON!!!  I lose 9.44% of my body weight in the time of the competition...from 206.5 to 187lbs. 

I am so proud of myself!!  My goal for the competition was to lose 15lbs but I lost 19.5!  (My Two Day Cleanse this week really helped!!)

I tried to find some pictures...these are the closest I could find to the correct dates and it's just my face...but I think you can see it, right?

 I also got invited to join another Biggest Loser starts April 28th and runs for six weeks.  I can't wait to put 110% into that and see what it gets me. 


  1. you are seriously one hot mama!!! :) I've STRUGGLED to lose the weight the last few years, so it's fun to see someone succeed!! GOOD JOB!! and seriously, you look awesome! :)--also, I love your clothes! (o.k. that's just a weird side note--mostly because I have no fashion sense and admire people that do!!!) :)

  2. So I haven't read every entry of yours (yet hahaha) but I am turning to your blog for motivation! I just started Isagenix last week and am already happy with the results and mostly the way I feel. Keep up the great work! If you are interested my blog is!