Saturday, April 13, 2013

Phase II: 60 Days

Well I hit my 60 Day mark.  I didn't do so well this stretch.  I had Nathan's b-day and Easter and my race and a trip to Berlin...and I just cheated too many days.  It's sort of frustrating because I KNOW how well the products work, but some days I just can't tap the motivation to stick with it.  I am exercising regularly, however, which is an improvement over last summer.  I like to think that is part of the reason why I didn't lost as much in weight this month...because I really have been pushing it hard at the gym...circuit training, running, Jillian Michaels (holy crap she's tough!)

Here is my 60 Day check-in by the numbers: 

 I lost 0lbs :(
but I lost 1% of my body fat and 5.5"

Not my best month...but even though I didn't see the results on the scale I can tell on the pics.  See for yourself: first the total picture...60 days in.  

Then for the comparisons from my 30 Day mark
I see it on my back and waist.  That pinch of fat is getting smaller, and my sports bra doesn't seem to squeeze so much excess.

I know this is weird...but I see it in my knees. 

And here I see it a tiny bit on my tummy, and on my knees and elbow. 
So I am pleased that at least I can see a little change but wish it was more...I need to work hard the next 30 days and get some BIG results!! 

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