Sunday, April 14, 2013

Spring into Action Challenge!

I accepted the challenge from a friend who has had great success with Isagenix...she actually won two years ago (Jill Birth).  She created a back-to-back 9 Day Cleanse challenge...and is calling it the Spring into Action!  I desperately needed something to help my motivation so I gladly hopped on board.  

It starts today with a shake day.  Then it goes two cleanse days, five shake days, two cleanse, five shake, two cleanse, one shake.  So 18 days total...with 6 of those being cleanse days.  Intense.  BUT...if I stick with it I should see some pretty big results.  And heaven knows after my abysmal 60 Day check-in I need to jump-start this motivation.  I am using my measurements from yesterday as my starting point (that worked out nicely!)  My goals are to lose 15lbs and NOT CHEAT for 18 days.   

beginning weight: 195.5
beginning inches: 314"

Wish me luck!!

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