Monday, September 10, 2012

60 Days!

Today marks 60 days since we began this journey.  I have to say that I am flabbergasted at how well Isagenix has worked for me.  I LOVE the products, I LOVE how I feel, and I LOVE that the numbers on the scale keep going down...I am just SO SO SO happy about how this is going! for the numbers.  I started at 232.5lbs and 360.75"....I am now at
201lbs and 324" (measured across 12 points...see my "Holly" tab for a more detailed breakdown)!!!   
I've lost 31.5lbs and 36.75"
in 60 days!!!

I have now lost
MORE than how much our little boy weighs.  That puts it into perspective!!  Every time I pick him up I think "holy moses, I've gotten rid of THAT MUCH excess?!??!!" on to the photos.  

But first I just have to mention this.  In the beginning I was
NOT very excited to take, let alone POST these photos.  I thought about just keeping them safe and secure and private on my external hard drive...but then I realized that posting them publicly added another layer of accountability.  And now, after losing some weight and inches I'm glad I have them to look back on and be able to SEE my results.  

Here are the pics....L to R: before, 30 days, and 60 days.


And all of those are great...but here's a collage that shows it the best.  This is my before pic paired with my 60 day pic:

I'm just going to keep going, doing what I'm doing and hope and pray that the results keep on coming along.  I only have 1lb to go before I hit 200 and I told myself I could get a reward when I did...stay tuned to see what it is!

31.5 down, 51 to go!!!


  1. I am impressed. Keep up the good work.

  2. Nice job Holly! I love seeing people take journeys like this. Happy you are having such amazing success. I know it isn't easy and it is a lifestyle change, way to stay dedicated and keep up the hard work.