Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Off the wagon...and a cleanse day

We spent the past weekend in the Calabria region of southern Italy.  Oh man...I had THE BEST cannoli of my life on Sunday.  It was made with free-range sheep ricotta, a fresh shell and crushed pistachio and chocolate.  YUMMY.  I also had seafood ravioli, onion zeppolini, pizza, and buffalo mozzarella.  And a couple Italian Coke Zeros.  And possibly also a few of Miles' Italian cheeto-thingies (it was a 5 hour drive...not that that is an excuse...)  I got home and immediately weighed myself...I'd gained 4lbs over the four day weekend.  I weighed myself the next morning and discovered it was only 2.5...better, but still not happy.  So to help kick our bodies back into Isagenix mode we did a cleanse day on Tuesday.  When I weighed myself this morning I was .5lb lighter than when we left for vacation.  Pfew!  

Isagenix is a demanding lifestyle.  But I also have to be realistic and know that I will not always have the availability of Isa-friendly food.  I tried to always choose the healthier of my options...and sometimes that will be the best I can do.  

So onto the Cleanse Day.  It was my first...even though I've been doing Isagenix for close to two months.  Instead of a full day cleanse I've been doing gentle, every-other night cleansing and have been happy with my results.  The cleanse day was as hard as I imagined.  Feeding Miles his meals while I drink water and Cleanse for Life (which is good, but NOT filling...obviously) was not easy.  I did notice that I was hungry (which is usually NOT the case on Isagenix), and cranky, and I even got a little headache.  But the overall result was worth it.  Yes, I dropped 3lbs, but more importantly I felt better...after getting all that junk from the weekend out of my system!  I think we will start doing regular cleanse days.  

But I'm excited...Monday is my 60 day mark on Isagenix!!  Keep a look-out for my pics and measurememnts.  

I'm also going to be trying out some yummy new recipes: cauliflower mashed potatoes, flourless zucchini brownies, and parsnip fries. (As long as I can find parsnips here in Italy)

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