Saturday, March 16, 2013

2 Day Cleanse...and running update

In preparation for my 5K on the 23rd, on Tuesday the 5th I ran my first mile in over six years...I know, that's pathetic.  Especially for someone who used to love running so much.  My time was 12:29.  Which is almost double my fastest time ever: 6:17.  But I ran it all the way without having to stop.  The next night I thought I'd try again and I ran it in 11:19.  I took off a minute and ten seconds...which I was very happy about.  Then Sunday the 10th after church I made Nathan go to the park with me and I tried outdoor running (which used to be my favorite)...I ran a mile, took a five minute breather, and then ran a second mile.  I was SO proud of myself!

Then today we met at the park again with our friends and me and Rebecca ran while the daddies watched the babies.  Our goal was to see how far we could get.  And we ran 5K!  We were so proud of ourselves!!  It definitely helped having a friend to run with...she kept me going when I wanted to quit and vice versa.  We did it in 32 minutes which is not bad at all!  

We will train a bit more and then our race is this saturday!  

Last week I also did my first 2 Day cleanse...holy smokes those are tough!!  I made sure I had food prepped ahead of time for Nathan and Miles and I didn't make any appointments those days.  I walked the morning of the first day, but after that I stayed indoors...I wanted to lay low.  And it was ok...tough, but the thought of all that fat melting away kept me going.  And you know what?? I lost 5lbs in those two days!! 

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