Thursday, March 14, 2013

30 Days

Well I'm at the 30 Day mark for Phase II of my Isagenix journey.  I didn't do as well this time as last...and that's because I just wasn't as dedicated.  My first 30 Day period last summer I didn't cheat ONCE.  Not eve so much as a bite of fruit.  But this time I've had cheat days and snuck bites here and there of bread, chocolate, etc.  I need to be more dedicated.  But still, even with it all I've done ok.   I am a bit frustrated that 30 Days later and I"m still not back to where I left off at my 90 Day mark last year.  Once again, it's totally my fault.  If I wouldn't have fallen off the wagon so hard over the holidays I wouldn't have had so much ground to make up. live and learn I suppose. 

Here is how the 30 Days went by the numbers:

I weigh 195.5 and have lost 319.5"
I lost 10.5lbs & 12" in 30 Days

So 10.5lbs in a month is nothing to be ashamed of that's for sure.  And I have pushed myself harder at the gym this go-around than last I may have gained some muscle mass.  My body fat percentage has decreased 2.5% since I began last summer, which is great.  That needs to just keep on coming down.  

I'll be starting the 30 Day regimen back up again today...and hope for results similar or better than this 30 Days. 

And now for the photographic comparisons.  Starting Phase II is on the left, 30 Days is on the right:

I think I notice the most on the left facing picture.  I do wonder how come all my pictures are so slanted??  I do try and get them straight but I have to use a timer...ah well, at least they are all equally slanted!  :)

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