Sunday, July 15, 2012


Here are some of the things we've gotten to help us on Operation Isagenix.  We wanted to make sure we made this journey as easy as possible so we wouldn't have any excuses to quit.  So we bought special equipment...yes, some of it we could have used things we already had (like our regular large blender) but these things all made one or two steps a bit easier. 

Almost everything has been purchased from Amazon...being stationed overseas makes it hard to find certain things...Amazon is a lifesaver!

20 oz Blender Ball 
You don't really need this...but I like being able to put my blended shake in it and keep it mixed as I drink it.  I don't chug my shakes, I take time to enjoy them.

OXO Good Grips Mini Angled Measuring Cup

This is a tiny little measuring cup that is very handy in measuring our morning liquid Ionix Supreme.

OXO Good Grips Scale
This is a super fancy don't need one this crazy.  But a scale is something you DO NEED.  I am not good at eyeballing quantities and I want to make sure we're doing this right. 
Hamilton Beach Single Serve Blender

Handy little blender with two cups.  It blends pretty good for a tiny little fella.  It cleans up pretty easy too...make sure to rinse it after you blend and you're set. 
Ice cube tray that makes tiny, pellet ice cubes
I've seen these at Dollar Stores back in the states, but here in Italy I've had no such luck...again, thank you Amazon!  This ice cube tray is makes tiny little pellets.  They are like the size of DOTS candy. 

Under Armor Water bottles
Any water bottle will do...I like these ones because there are no straws or tiny parts that can collect germs and mildew. 

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