Monday, August 6, 2012


I just finished five days of the Bedtime Belly Buster (BBB).  It is supposed to wipe out belly fat.  I have plenty to lose so I was up for the challenge.  So I ordered the stuff for the BBB and anxiously waited.  To do the BBB you need IsaPro and IsaCalcium.  You mix 1 scoop of each (if you get super upset tummy, reduce the calcium to 1 tsp...I was fine)  in 8oz of water and drink on an EMPTY stomach 30 mins before going to sleep.  I found conflicting information on cleansing, so I did NO cleansing for those five days.  (I normally to gently nightly cleansing instead of full day cleanses) 
Here's the verdict: it works!!  I lost 3.5lbs and 5 inches across three measuring points (diaphragm, natural waist, and belly button) in five days...that isn't bad!  Here is a doesn't look like a ton...but I do have a LOT of belly fat to lose, and it's a nice start.  I think you notice it from the side most.  

Ok, now for my tips/impressions:

1 - It MUST be mixed in lukewarm water.  The colder the water the lumpier the consistency.  I never tried it in is WAY too hot here for that!  (100 degrees today!)  I would fill a glass with room temp water, put the IsaPro in, GENTLY mix, then add the IsaCalcium and GENTLY mix.  Why do I say gently?  Because if you blend it or if you mix vigorously it foams up HUGE and can cause gas and tummy ache.  

2 - It is not the most pleasant thing to drink.  I'm not gonna lie...I had to just chug it down and chase it with water.  

3 - Heavenly sleep is a pleasant, and welcome added side effect of BBB.  I slept sounder the last five nights than I have in a LONG time.   

I will definitely be doing BBB again in a few weeks...let me lose a little more, gain some more lean muscle in my belly and try again. 


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  2. Thanks for the tip about the warm water! I'm doing it for 5 days but instead of the IsaCalcium I'm using their IsaFruits.