Friday, August 10, 2012

Daily Routine

I thought I'd give a rundown of what our daily routine is...just as an idea.  You don't have to do it exactly like this...I developed this plan based on my lifestyle and several other plans I read about.  You take the system and make it work for you!

First, we are using the 30 Day has everything you need conveniently packaged together for you.  The only thing you'd have to add to the order is the Ageless Essentials vitamins (if you want...totally up to you) and some more of the Want More only get a few and you'll definitely want more.  Nathan has one every morning in his shake...I prefer mine in water, almost like a Gatorade. 

7:30am - Ionix Supreme.  This is the FIRST thing I do when I get up...before I get the baby up or pee or anything...I take my Ionix (that way I don't get sidetracked) You can get this in liquid or powder versions.  We do liquid, I've heard the powder doesn't dissolve well except in warm water and I don't want to have to deal with that.  I'm all about ease of use...and pouring it out of a bottle is pretty easy! You take 1oz of the Ionix Supreme and mix it with 3-4oz of water.  It isn't the best tasting thing...but I just quickly drink it down. 

Natural Accelerator & vitamins - Immediately after I take the Ionix Supreme I take my Natural Accelerator capsule and my morning pack of vitamins. We have been taking the Ageless Essentials for Men/Women from Isagenix...haven't yet decided if we'll keep doing this or find a cheaper alternative.

8am - Breakfast: IsaLean shake.  I've talked about the shakes before...and I still REALLY enjoy them.  I think the key is to change it up...I try not to have the same flavor combinations two days in a I don't get bored.

(this is when I usually exercise...after my shake, and before lunch)

10am - Snack.  Isagenix has Snacks, and I also do almonds.  The IsaSnacks are the shape of a large Tums.  They taste like hot chocolate pressed into a tablet form.  I think they're actually not that bad.  If I do IsaSnacks and almonds, I have one IsaSnack and 3 almonds. (NOT salted...just plain, old almonds)  If I do just Isagenix Snacks I have 2, or if I have just almonds, I have 6 almonds.  If you have trouble getting 24 oz of veggies at lunch, sometimes I'll add a handful of tomatoes or a wedge of cucumber to my snack. 

12pm - Lunch.  4oz of lean protein and 24oz of veggies.  This is a LOT of veggies.  Yesterday for lunch I had marinated chicken that we'd grilled on or BBQ, .5lb of sauteed zucchini, half a red pepper cut into strips, a cucumber, a pickle, and a handful of tomatoes.  The most important thing to do is GET A SCALE...eyeballing portions sizes is tough, and I still get it wrong.  Your meal (called your fork & knife meal) should be between 400-600 calories.  CHECK to make sure...guessing isn't going to help you reach your goals!

2pm - Snack (same as above)

4pm - Snack (same as above)

6pm - IsaLean Shake (same as shakes above)

10pm - Cleanse for Life & IsaFlush

In addition to this I drink a TON of water.  How much?  You should be drinking HALF your weight in water everyday.  So I weighed 232 to start.  Half is 116.  I should be drinking at least 116oz of water A DAY.  Don't guess.  Get a water bottle with ounces marked.   Keep track.  I have a blackboard in my kitchen, and I keep a tally everytime I fill it up.  I also try and drink 8oz of that water before each meal (including shakes).   

Also, some rules.  No pasta, bread, or rice.  No fruit.  No soda, candy, chips, cake, brownies, ice cream (duh).  No coffee, alcohol, tea, juice.  And not all veggies are potatoes (white, sweet, red...all of them), corn, carrots or peas.   Some of these rules change slightly once you reach your goal weight/finish the 30 days.

On RARE occasions if you need to switch your lunch and dinner (so your fork and knife meal is at dinner) it's ok.  But it will slow your progress...the shake puts your body in fat-burning mode, which is where you want it while you sleep.  I've only had to do it once during my first 30 days...and that was all because of lack of planning on my part.  Attaining your goals is all about sacrifice. 

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