Monday, August 13, 2012

Vision Board

Making a vision board may seem like something you'd do in 7th grade...but it helps, I swear.  It gives you something visual to look at to help keep you motivated.  

Grab a few old magazines or photos of yourself (don't use ones where you feel you look bad...use photos of your GOALS) and cut away...glue 'em on a piece of paper and viola!  

Here's mine: 

Let me explain some parts...
See the woman with her hands on her hips and her legs crossed?  I haven't been able to comfortably cross my legs for years.  My thighs are too fat and it hurts my knees.  It's something so simple but I can't wait to be able to comfortably, painlessly cross my legs.  
And the 'Fit back into your wedding dress'?  When we got married I had photos taken and I love them...but I'd LOVE to have photos taken of Nathan and I on our 15th anniversary in my dress and his tux.  
There's a marathon runner in the upper left corner...I used to LOVE running, but my weight puts too much stress on my knees, causing me MASSIVE pain if I try and run.  I want to get back to my running self.  
Sprinkle in a bunch of positive words like miracle, beauty, happiness, great, strength...and you've got my vision board.  I have this propped up on my dressing table so I see it every morning when I get ready. 

If you create one I'd love to see it...leave the link in the comments!

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